Investing with Buildexe

Using our expertise

With over 15 years of experience in the Sydney property market, our staff is highly experienced in investing and has seen both the good and the bad side of market. This gives Buildexe a holistic comprehension of the technicality of market behaviour, knowing when the best time to invest is.

We also have an excellent knowledge of the fundamental nature of property development and are able to see the feasibility of an investment through a multitude of characteristics, ranging from:

  • The return on investment
  • The strategic positioning of the development
  • Council requirements
  • The best investment strategy (e.g. subdivide, buy & hold, renovation etc.)
  • Choosing the right type of loan if needed

When these two forms of analysis are combined, Buildexe is able to assist its clients in unveiling “hidden gems” which maximise their return on investment.

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What makes us effective?


We understand patterns in land based on council requirements, strategic position of land/property, development prospects


We understand patterns in the behaviour of the property market itself based on historical data

Feasibility Analysis

We conduct all necessary feasibility studies on potential investments and present them to you so you know you're getting your money's worth.


We undertake all necessary administration work including but not limited to: DA approvals and Construction Certificates


We do necessary construction related works so you save money on the development process itself

Using our connections

Our connection to a large network of real estate agents, to whom we have built strong relationships with for many years, provides us with an abundance of reliable information on the most competitive purchases within the Sydney property market.

We also have a large network of construction-based utilities as our staff has been immersed in the construction field for decades, which makes developments more affordable to our partners. 

Who should invest with us?

Our platform is tailored for investors who wish to be a part of secure investments, minimising capital expenditure and risk whilst maximising their return on investment.

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